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The 'Sweet Bourbon': The Most Popular Cocktail at NYC's Everything's Jake Bar & Lounge

Seeking the a good old-fashioned cocktail variation in NYC? Look no further than one of Everything's Jake Bar & Lounge's signature drinks: the 'Sweet Bourbon'. Now, don't be fooled by its name - while you might expect a sugary concoction, this drink offers a depth of flavors that surprise and delight in every sip.

Since Everything's Jake's inception, this unique bourbon cocktail has reigned supreme on the menu. What sets the 'Sweet Bourbon' apart? A masterful blend of premium Bourbon and Pineapple Rum forms its base. To this, we add our in-house, specially crafted pineapple-gum syrup. This isn't your everyday syrup; it's a meticulous blend of fresh pineapple juice, sugar, gum arabic, and just the right touch of citric acid.

But there's more to the story. We elevate its flavor profile with allspice dram and top it with dashes of both angostura bitters and black walnut bitters. And for the grand finale: a cherry wood smoke infusion, presented in a snifter, that captures the very essence of mixology artistry.

At its heart, the 'Sweet Bourbon' is Everything's Jake's contemporary take on the classic Old-Fashioned. Despite its allusions to sweetness, it stands out as a rich, multifaceted drink that offers a sophisticated taste experience, making it a must-try for every cocktail enthusiast visiting New York City.

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