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Everything's Jake (noun) [Origin: Prohibition-era slang]


Definition: A phrase evoking a sense of utter contentment and satisfaction; reminiscent of a bygone era when resourcefulness thrived amidst challenges. Inspired by the indomitable spirit of Prohibition, 'Everything's Jake' encapsulates an atmosphere of unwavering positivity and delight. Just as the term offered reassurance during tumultuous times, our establishment embodies this sentiment to ensure that each guest's experience is marked by seamless enjoyment, camaraderie, and an exquisite blend of craft cocktails and lively events. Join us at Everything's Jake, where the spirit of the past intertwines with contemporary revelry, creating a space where every moment is truly 'Jake' – splendid, and beyond compare.

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To make our customers feel what our name conveys.  We want to be your oasis where the chaos of the outside world melts away with a couple drinks and great company.

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